The Clean Water Technology Lab – CLEWATEC, a Helmholtz Innovation Lab located at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, is an interface between research and industry where new ideas for sustainable water treatment are continuously tested and developed into breakthrough technological applications.

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Latest CLEWATEC News:

October 2021

On 4th October 2021, CLEWATEC held its first Advisory Board Meeting with its advisors Prof. Jumar from ifak, Mr. Heidenreich from DBU and Prof. Schlüter from Hamburg University of Technology. The CLEWATEC management team gave an update on the current status of the lab and presented its strategy, key topics and technologies. Furthermore, future activities and perspectives were discussed as well as possibilities for joint collaborations.


September 2021

From 7th to 9th September CLEWATEC conducted a CLEWATEC Summer Workshop together with Air Liquide and BASF.  The CLEWATEC team gave an update on the ozone strong water, the low energy sparger and the dynamic gas injection sub-projects. The team also discussed the next steps and future activities. Furthermore, the workshop included a visit to the CLEWATEC laboratory at HZDR, a site visit to the BASF plant in Schwarzheide and a site visit to the Alfra plant in Mockrehna.


August 2021

CLEWATEC launched a sub-project for the development of a highly efficient gas injection technique in cooperation with Air Liquide. First air-water experiments in the flow laboratory have shown promising results regarding the gas injection dynamics. These small-scale results are currently transferred to the technical scale, where oxygen transfer tests are conducted in the DN900 activated sludge bubble columns. The application field of the novel technique covers wastewater treatment, hypolimnic aeration and others.


July 2021

In the last few weeks, CLEWATEC has conducted several workshops regarding the development of a CLEWATEC business plan and strategy. Our aim is to develop the lab further, acquire new potential partners, define new business areas and become financially independent. Therefore, CLEWATEC has collaborated with HighTech Startbahn GmbH and conducted two workshops on 7th May and 9th June 2021 to develop a business concept and identify important strategic areas. In the following weeks, the CLEWATEC project members will meet regularly to discuss the strategy and elaborate a financial and strategic business plan.


June 2021

The flow camera developed by PhD Robert Herrmann-Heber was used at Air Liquide’s R&D Campus in Shanghai for in-situ measurement of the gas dispersion from a novel gas injection device in a large test tank measuring 12 x 5 m² width a depth of 5 m. After the ongoing data analyses, results will be used to draw conclusions on the impacts of the hydrodynamics on the observed mass transfer characteristics.

The research article “Bubble formation from sub-millimeter orifices under variable gas flow conditions” from Ehsan Mohseni is now availabe for free access for a short period of time.


May 2021

With regard to the 3-year R&D contract signed with Air Liquide, CLEWATEC has issued a press release.  > CLEWATEC Press Release.

The press release was also published on the HZDR LinkedIn page > HZDR LinkedIn. Please feel free to like or share.

Furthermore, our CLEWATEC researcher Ehsan Mohseni has published an article on “Bubble formation from sub-millimeter orifices under variable gas flow conditions” in the journal Chemical Engineering Science.


April 2021

In April, the CLEWATEC team started modifying our mobile waste water pilot plant. A new gantry crane was set up which enables fast lifting of the mounting frame out of each test tank during operation. The frame carries aeration and mixing installations. The gantry crane is part of an on-site expansion of our pilot plant currently located at the wastewater treatment plant in Ottendorf-Okrilla. Soon, the CLEWATEC team will restart the facility to investigate and test gas injection concepts used for wastewater treatment in cooperation with our project partners.


March 2021

As the 1st industrial partner of CLEWATEC, Air Liquide – one of the world-leading producers of industrial gases – has signed a 3-year R&D contract with HZDR. The Kick-off Meeting was held on 4th March 2021 with attendees from Air Liquide’s management board. Both institutions share extensive common interests, which can now be pursued in the context of a long-term strategic partnership. The contract covers three technical subprojects, namely the development of a highly efficient gas injection device, a corresponding control mechanism and a novel Advanced Oxidation Process based on dynamic oxygen injection.


February 2021

The CLEWATEC team is happy to be back in the lab after almost two months of lockdown to start implementing the approaches that have been recently identified. Sebastian Reinecke attended the webinar “Keine Energie ohne Wasser” held by DWA on 17th February, where high potential approaches for energy efficient wastewater treatment were discussed. Amongst them, also developments of novel aeration concepts from the recent HZDR wastewater projects LEOBEL and SEBAK, now handled in CLEWATEC, were presented.

Business developer Alejandro Parra took part in MindTheGap, an international workshop on new methods for a successful innovation-to-market process conducted by top experts on technology transfer from Israel and Germany, including startups, venture capitals and governmental agencies.


January 2021

Aeration test facility at Air Liquide’s Shanghai Research and Technology Center

PhD Robert Herrmann-Heber developed a flow camera as a handheld measurement tool for the in-situ characterization of the dispersed gas phase, i.e. the gas bubble size distribution and gas bubble velocity, and the mass transfer in aerated tanks. He tested the equipment in our activated sludge bubble columns down to 4 meters of immersion and validated the estimated volumetric mass transfer coefficient derived from the camera data with data from commercial oxygen probes during aeration with a rubber membrane sparger. Measurements with the flow camera in a large test facility at Air Liquide’s R&D Campus in Shanghai are upcoming in the next weeks.


December 2020

CLEWATEC wishes all its project members, partners, friends and followers a happy & peaceful holiday season as well as a good & healthy start into the new year 2021!

CLEWATEC is now also listed in the Invention Store, the German web portal for cutting-edge inventions from German research. For more information, please click here.


November 2020

In November 2020, the wastewater biological lab of CLEWATEC was upgraded with new features. The new equipment includes a spectrophotometer, a moisture analyser as well as some additional supplementary accessories. Therefore, CLEWATEC can now provide the investigation of wastewater samples including parameters like COD and Nitrogen together with important activated sludge parameters for further wastewater analysis.

Furthermore, Alejandro Parra participated in the DWA online event “Mitteldeutscher Gewässer- und Abwassertag 2020” on 17.11.2020 where CLEWATEC was also presented with an image page in the conference proceedings.


October 2020

CLEWATEC conducted an Advanced Oxidation Processes Workshop in Krefeld with experts from Air Liquide and Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. The team discussed new possibilities to use ozone and cavitation for applications in the fields of micro-pollutant removal and resource recovery. The participants also visited an ozonation facility operated by Air Liquide at a wastewater treatment plant.


Furthermore, on 13th October 2020, our Innovation Manager Uwe Pöpping introduced our Innovation Lab CLEWATEC to international investors and corporates at the High-Tech Venture Days in Dresden.


September 2020

In September 2020, our Lab Scientist Florian Ristau and our Lab Engineer Mathias Menzel set up a sparger test module at a nearby wastewater treatment plant. The sparger test module is used to observe the long-term performance of spargers and other gas injection devices in real conditions of an activated sludge basin. Currently, a sparger concept with microperforated pipes of a partner is tested and its pressure drop and flow rate are logged in a digital control unit.


August 2020

In August 2020, our Lab Scientist Nadine Matzke installed an inline spectrometer from CLEWATEC at the test facilities of our project partner Air Liquide in Krefeld, Germany. She furthermore calibrated the spectrometer and received some initial test results. The final goal is to use the spectrometer to detect the amount of micropollutants in the wastewater.


July 2020

In July 2020, the Lab Coordinator Mr. Sebastian Reinecke gave a HZDR research talk video presentation about “Methods for more efficiency in water resource recovery”. The talk presented the current associated scientific topics in the fields of fluid dynamics and (bio-)chemical engineering and introduced the sustainable technological and system approaches covered by the new Helmholtz-Innovation Lab CLEWATEC.



June 2020

Our Lab Scientist Mr. Ehsan Mohseni published a paper “Dynamics of bubble formation at micro-orifices under constant gas flow conditions” in the “International Journal of Multiphase Flow” where he investigated the dynamics of bubble formation from submerged orifices at a comprehensive range of gas flow rates for a system of air and deionized water. He discovered that the bubble formation at micro-orifices cannot be described by quasi-static force balance and the ratio of the bubble base expansion decreases by increasing the size of the orifice.


May  2020

The CLEWATEC Team is now complete. Besides the Lab Coordinator Mr. Sebastian Reinecke, the project management is supported by the Innovation Manager Mr. Uwe Pöpping, the Marketing & Controlling Manager Mrs. Susann Riedel and the Business Development Manager Mr. Alejandro Parra. The expert team consists of three Lab Scientists, Mrs. Nadine Matzke, Mr. Florian Ristau and Mr. Ehsan Mohseni and the Lab Engineer Mr. Mathias Menzel.


April 2020

In April 2020, CLEWATEC expanded its expert team with two new lab scientists, Mrs. Nadine Matzke and Mr. Florian Ristau. Mrs. Matzke studied chemical engineering and has an extensive knowledge in wastewater treatment, process engineering as well as sensor and measurement techniques. Mr. Ristau studied water management with a special focus on wastewater treatment systems and energy efficiency and has previously worked at wastewater treatment plants.


March 2020

In March 2020, CLEWATEC recruited a new Business Development Manager, Mr. Alejandro Parra. He will be responsible for the search and acquisition of new partners for the CLEWATEC network. Mr. Parra studied water resource engineering and management and has a solid knowledge of sustainable wastewater treatment systems. He is interested in innovative and sustainable technologies and has already contributed with his skills in applied research and project management in previous projects.


Feb. 2020

In February 2020, students from TU Dresden specializing in Hydro Sciences visited HZDR where they learned about the CLEWATEC project and visited the CLEWATEC experimental facilities.

During a company visit to HZDR, the Clean Water Technology Lab was also presented to employees of Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH, the urban waste-water drainage service provider for the city of Dresden.


Jan. 2020

In January 2020, representatives from our project partner Air Liquide came to HZDR for a training in gas bubble size measurements and oxygen transfer measurements.

Official start of the project.
For more information, please read our Press Release from Sept. 2019.